Editor's Note: While Fusion's Romina Puga attended her first Oscars as a red carpet rookie and Alicia Menendez did her carpet duties at the Vanity Fair party, a " VIP friend" of ours whose identity shall remain anonymous got us some sweet access of the action inside the ceremony AND the parties of the night.

Check out the smartphone pics below for a #FusionFrontRow access to how the 1% experience Oscar night (our VIP friend is not a member of the press, just a member of the VIP set). Here goes their dispatch:

On the way to the Oscars, LAPD check each and every limo.

Bumping into Naomi Watts at the carpet.



After an hour of red carpet and more than three hours of Oscars ceremony on an empty stomach (Ellen didn't deliver pizza beyond the second row, let alone the nosebleed section) we were ready to eat at the Governor's Ball. The Oscars' perennial favorite Wolfgang Puck fed 1500+ guests, with, among other delicacies: 1,300 bottles of champagne, salmon and caviar pizza and black truffle tortellini. Our favorite though? Puck's classic chocolate mini Oscar statuettes.

Over at the Vanity Fair party: In-N-Out burgers and champagne. We spotted Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese sitting next to each other surrounded by actors and moguls (including Rupert Murdoch) talking as if they were still on the set of Wolf of Wall Street!


Winner Jared Leto surrounded by groupies.

Taylor Swift and Karli Kloss exchanged…style tips?


Time for Harvey Weinstein's traditional Oscars after-party at the Soho House. You can spot Harvey and Oprah in the pic!

The music was amazing but no one dared to dance, we were told it is not cool in LA. Those who really wanted to burn the calories of the burgers skipped Harvey's party and if invited went to the one and only dancing party in town: Madonna's, where photos are still banned!