Fuck This Netflix Tweet

Let’s just remind ourselves what is happening in this “funny” Netflix tweet:

  • Netflix is acknowledging that it tracks our viewing data with enough chilling specificity to be able to know that exactly 53 out of its roughly 50 million American subscribers have watched a certain movie every day for exactly 18 days in a row.
  • Netflix is acknowledging that its employees are not only actively monitoring that data, but also sitting around and laughing at us about what we’re watching in the privacy of our own homes.
  • Netflix is acknowledging that, after they all sat around and laughed about these 53 users watching a certain movie for a certain amount of time in the privacy of their own homes, a presumably large group of people decided that this would be a great thing to mock in a tweet going out to 4.22 million people. The 53 users must be feeling great right now.

Fuck this!

Deputy Editor, Splinter