Fur Flies at 10 Downing Street: A Symbol of a Divided Britain?

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Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is struggling. She’s dealing with the collapse of a major government contractor, a National Health Service in crisis, Brexit, and the slightly disappointing Channel 4 version of Bake Off. Every aspect of British life seems under threat. Is Britain, our green and pleasant land, our sceptered isle, long for this world?

Today brings no relief for Mrs. May, as a devastating symbol of a broken Britain lands right at her doorstep: Larry, the Downing Street cat, in a vicious battle for his life with Palmerston, who belongs to the Foreign Office (and thus, I suppose, to Boris Johnson).

Look at poor Larry’s collar, his proud Union Jack sash left upon the cold stone, and try not to weep for my little nation.


According to the reporter at the scene, Larry was definitely worse for wear:


Does this signal the end for Theresa May and, more horribly, the beginning of Boris Johnson’s ascension? We can only pray that it does not.