Fusion Fix 11/7: This week in #RiseUp moments around the world


Ahead of our RiseUp conference on Nov. 19th in Washington DC, we bring you a news round up from protest movements around the world in our weekly Fusion Fix.

Thousands of members of Anonymous, the global hacktivist network, took to the streets and joined demonstrations across the world's major cities on November 5th. Dubbed the #MillionMaskMarch, protesters  donned Guy Fawkes masks, marching in support of net neutrality and against the increase of surveillance and government monitoring.

Violent protests broke out in the West African nation of Burkina Faso after President Blaise Campaore introduced a bill seeking to extend his 27 year long rule.


Demonstrators took to the streets, burning the Parliament building and the homes of those close to the president. Compaoré announced his resignation last Friday and has now fled the country.

Following the unrest, Burkina Faso's political and military leaders were unable to agree upon a transitional head of government, but have agreed to a one-year political transition with elections in November 2015.

The disappearance of 43 students has struck a nerve in Mexico like few other crimes in its recent history. Protests have been happening on an almost on a daily basis, pressuring the government to find the missing students and end the corruption that many believe led to the tragedy in the first place.

Fusion's Manuel Rueda has been following the story closely and reports that protesters in Mexico have staged marches, boycotted classes and burned public buildings in their bid to pressure the Mexican government to find the missing students.

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