Fusion Fix: This week in #RiseUp moments around the world

Ahead of our RiseUp conference on Nov. 19th in Washington DC, we bring you a news round up from protest movements around the world in our first weekly Fusion Fix.


In Hong Kong, pro-democracy protesters gathered at the Central Government Complex to mark one month of protests. At exactly 5:57pm on Tuesday, Oct. 28, protesters opened their yellow umbrellas and observed 87 seconds of silence in recognition of the 87 rounds of tear gas set off by police one month earlier.

Tens of thousands of Hungarian protesters took to the streets in opposition to a proposed internet tax, backed by the government. They crossed Budapest's Chain Bridge to support their cause.


Meanwhile, saxophone superstar Kenny G became an unlikely target for the Chinese government after visiting the pro-democracy protest camps in Hong Kong and tweeting a message of support (the tweet has since been deleted). He later took to Facebook to dissociate himself with the movement.

Alexandra DiPalma is a producer for Fusion Lightworks, Fusion’s In-house Branded Content Agency.

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