Fusion GIVES a Damn About Social Issues

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Our generation has come of age during a time of economic recession, rapid globalization, rising inequality, political gridlock and environmental crisis. Each day it becomes clearer that we can no longer sit on the sidelines and let others speak for us.

It's time to make our voices heard.

Fusion launches this week envisioning a smarter, more diverse and more inclusive America. One of the ways we’re going to realize this vision is through GIVE, a pro-social platform that will inspire and empower our audience to take action on the issues that matter most. We will aim to spark change by creating amazing content that promotes achievement, opportunity, wellness and our planet.


At the heart of GIVE is the idea that no one lives only for themselves. We all have a fundamental urge to connect, to share, and to give. It's easy to get caught in the world of taking, but giving is what gives us meaning—what makes an impact.

Elisa Rodriguez-Vila, the Fusion designer who coined the term describes it well. “The act of giving is the most rewarding and impactful thing we can do. Giving is cooler than taking, whether it be giving 5 minutes of your day to sign an immigration reform petition or giving your all at a voter registration event. ANYBODY can give something, regardless of their economic background, because we can all give our time, we can all give our energy.”

We know that this is already happening.

Millennials lead the way in volunteering with a 43% service rate—compared to only 35% for Baby Boomers.


A survey of current college students found that, for them, the ability to improve the community ranks almost as high as a strong starting salary.

We will be launching some exciting initiatives over the next year under the GIVE banner and we are excited to start with a project that we’re calling #GIVEStories. We have partnered with Disney and First Book, an organization that provides new books to children in need, to promote storytelling and literacy in Hispanic communities across the country.


On behalf of Fusion, First Book will distribute around 250,000 books to the schools and libraries that need them most. Together we are creating a literary panel of emerging Hispanic and minority authors with the goal of championing a new generation of literary talent.

We believe in the power of storytelling and are launching a writing contest because we want to hear and highlight your stories. Send your submissions to givestories@fusion.net. Winners will be featured on Fusion.


We are excited to launch but we are just getting started. We have a lot more to do. In the meantime let us know your thoughts and remember to GIVE.

Give love, give back, give a damn, give your all.

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