Illustration for article titled Fusion Poll: Young black voters nearly twice as likely to back Democrats in midterms

Fusion's poll of likely millennial voters showed varying degrees of enthusiasm among those who profess their intention to cast a ballot. Some 65 percent of intentional voters say they're "very likely" to honor universal suffrage, while 35 percent may wait to see what's on TV before heading to the polls.

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Millennials who intend to vote also tend to lean Democratic, the poll found.

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As usual, when asked what the most important issue is facing the country, a plurality of voters cited the economy.

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Older millennials tend to fret more about the economy than the younger half of their cohort, which worries more about education.

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Here's how those numbers look broken down by political party:

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African-American and Hispanic voters claim to lean heavily toward the Democratic Party, while white voters tend to be slightly more Republican, the Fusion poll found.

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Women, too, tend to be more Democratic than men, the poll suggests.

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