Garrison Keillor Is Basically Larry King at This Point

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I’ve been confused about politics ever since Republican states became red states, which to me, growing up in the era of Red China, suggested commissars and gulags and thought control, which of course Utah and Texas and Georgia do not have... Blue makes me think of Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, but that’s another matter.” Oh?

My daughter dragged me to a school dance last week, a ’50s dance, and it was illuminating as most things with teenagers are. She didn’t care to dance with me because I am a postmodern dancer uninhibited by rhythm, so I got to sit and watch teenagers in 2017 going wild to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Fats Domino and it dawned on me that when rock-and-roll got all progressive and artistic and inward, something you listened to and tried to figure out what the lyrics meant, it lost the power to make people jump around and have a good time.


I don’t miss that music so much as I miss the card games I played long ago with my Republican in-laws. We disagreed about Nixon and trade unions, but we ignored that over games of gin rummy and Four Hundred and Hearts. The gentle small talk, the kidding — where did that go to? I think that’s why people love cruise ships.


Hm. Yeah.

Well I have to get going now.

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