Photo: AP

George H.W. Bush died on Friday last week, but today is the big day, the Super Bowl of Mourning: his funeral in Washington, D.C.

Cable news channels have been furiously respecting the ex-president all week in anticipation, and also whitewashing all of the heinous shit he did while in office. Bush’s death has shut down government services like the mail, and also maybe the Avengers 4 trailer. The world tracked Bush’s coffin as it went from Texas to Washington (it’s headed back to Texas today—lotta travel for a dead body!) and moved around the capital; it’s now in the National Cathedral for the funeral service.

Most of the major news networks are literally liveblogging the service, because this is a dystopia. We are not going to do a liveblog because that is way, way too much energy to expend on a guy who was Ronald Reagan’s vice president and then a single term president who rode a wave of racism into power.

Anyway, Donald Trump is at the funeral, mostly because the surviving Bushes promised to be nice to him. Here he is sitting down next to the Obamas and Clintons, both of whom hate him obviously.


You can see in this clip that Hillary and Bill nod to Melania as she shakes hands with the Obamas and then Hillary decides to just turn away and pretend like Trump’s not there, which is probably the best possible option available to her but still embarrassing for everyone involved.

Anyway, Trump can’t sing (not surprising).


And now, a “nice moment” that already happened the last time we went through this bullshit for John McCain.

Joe Biden falling asleep is the best political decision he’s made in years:


Here’s maybe the dumbest tweet about the service from Ari Fleischer:

Buddy... got some bad news for you.... George H.W. Bush is there. He’s the guy in the box.


People are still obsessed with Sully the service dog, who should not be lumped in with the Bushes because he is a worker:

Oh my god shut the fuck up Chris Cillizza:


Counterpoint—no they won’t:

This is literally just a photo of people sitting in a row and looking glum because they are at a funeral.


Ok no here is perhaps the dumbest exchange. Here’s the setup:

And then the payoff, holy shit.


Wow, the gun girl is antifa now. Incredible. Bush’s funeral has truly changed the world.