An anti-immigrant man went on a stabbing rampage in the German city of Cologne on Saturday, injuring five people.

The man targeted politicians, including Henriette Raker, who is running to be Cologne's mayor. Reker is Cologne's head of integration, with a responsibility for managing the wave of refugees that has settled in the city over the past few months. She was campaigning on Saturday when the approached her and then stabbed her in the neck and stomach. According to The Independent, he "shouted about an 'influx of refugees' immediately before the attack and called out: 'I am the Messiah. I’m doing it for you all."


The man also attacked an aide to Reker, as well as three others.

Tensions have been rising in Germany in the wake of the huge numbers of refugees entering the country from the Middle East. In recent weeks, several reception centers for refugees have been the targets of suspected arson attacks. Far-right, anti-immigrant political parties have also stepped up their protests against the new arrivals to the country.


Authorities said that Reker was in stable condition. Her aide was also seriously hurt; the other three suffered lighter injuries.