Girl's beautiful friendship with a flock of crows probably ending because they're shitting everywhere

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What a wonderful friendship Seattle-based eight-year-old Gabi Mann and this strangely anthropomorphic flock of crows seem to have forged. Just look at 'em!

They brought her gifts, the BBC reported in February, after Gabi started bringing the crows food every single day. The crows cleared out Gabi's tray of peanuts, and in return, shiny pieces of—well, anything—began to appear in the yard. Gabi's mom, Lisa, even lost her camera's lens cap once, and the crows brought it back to her, safe and sound. Gabi and her crows, they had everything—love, harmony, and a sprinkle of magic.


And then the crows started shitting everywhere. Now, a couple of the neighbors are suing Gabi's parents, Lisa and Eric Mann, for $200,000, claiming damage to their homes, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

“No one wants to be trapped living inside an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie,” Matt Johnsen, who filed the lawsuit in King County Superior Court, told the newspaper. “This is a residential neighborhood that was not designed to host a large-scale wildlife feeding operation.”


Johnsen describes a hellish landscape: rats running amok, birds croaking into the night, shit and piss literally everywhere. He told the paper he approached the Manns with a simple request—chill out with the feeding. He claims they refused. Court documents also show a 51-person petition and numerous requests for government intervention gone unanswered.

Lisa and Eric, the PI reports, have said nothing. And Gabi? No word from her either on how she or the birds are feeling.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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