Giuliani Says Mueller Plans to Wrap Up Obstruction Probe by September 1

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According to attention fan Rudy Giuliani, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump will be over before Labor Day, so long as Trump consents to an interview.


The New York Times reports that Giuliani said that Mueller’s office “shared its timeline about two weeks ago” as Mueller’s office and Trump’s lawyers negotiate whether or not Mueller will interview the president. (Mueller’s office reportedly declined to comment to the Times.

Hilariously, Giuliani pointed to the 2016 election as a cautionary tale of what could happen if Mueller’s investigation drags out too long, or something comes out just before the midterm elections. “You don’t want another repeat of the 2016 election where you get contrary reports at the end and you don’t know how it affected the election,” he said. I can think of a few other reasons why I don’t want a repeat of the 2016 election, too.

As the Times explains, however, Mueller ending the probe into possible obstruction of justice is just one piece of the broader investigation:

Handing in a report to the Justice Department on his findings in the obstruction case would not signal the end of Mr. Mueller’s work. The obstruction examination is one piece of Mr. Mueller’s broader inquiry, a counterintelligence investigation into Russia’s campaign to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. Counterintelligence investigations are used to gather information quietly about the activities of foreign powers and their agents — sometimes for years — and can result in criminal charges.

Giuliani described Trump as a “willing interview subject,” according to the Times. But he reportedly said that if the interview happens, the level of prep Trump would have to do (presumably so Trump doesn’t immediately perjure himself as soon as the interview starts) would mean it’ll have to happen after Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un on June 12, something which also might not happen. Normal country!