Glenn Beck Goes on Fox News to Rant About (((SOROS))) and COMMIES

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Just when you thought Fox News’ fear-mongering about President Donald Trump’s so-called border crisis couldn’t get worse, here comes Glenn Beck spouting conspiracy theories about George Soros.


Speaking on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday night, TheBlaze founder claimed a group of “American communists” in Chicago, naturally funded by George Soros, were organizing “waves” of Central American migrant caravans to arrive at the U.S. as an “assault on the republic.”

“It was a tactic used in China—or by China, against us, in the Korean War— where they just throw wave after wave after wave of people until you just can’t fight it anymore,” Beck said during his rant.

Beck tried to quote a few sources, from the Associated Press and U.C. San Diego, about how a United Methodist Church in Chicago and groups of college students and community organizers are “the ones that help charter the routes, arrange bus transportations, and negotiate with Mexican officials to provide protection,” all with the help of this “Soros” money. Beck even said he would “lay this all out on a chalkboard, so—where you can really follow it and see what’s going on,” illustrating just how off the rails he’s gone.

Throughout his few minutes on screen, Hannity only tried to interject twice, when Beck was raving madly about “far-left politics, Marxist-Leninist thought, a communist ideology based on the theories of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin with an international worldview.”

This isn’t far removed from what the gunman who stormed the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing 11, believed. As the Washington Post reported after the attack, the shooter posted online about the conspiracy theory that Jews are financially supporting caravans of Central American migrants. The idea that Soros money is fueling their voyage also has deep roots on the extremist, online far-right—but now it’s being broadcast into living rooms all over the country.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan