Glenn Beck Is Spouting Insane, Dangerous Bullshit About the Notre Dame Fire

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Eternal idiot Glenn Beck went on his personal television network BlazeTV today and said some insane, extremely dangerous, and completely unfounded shit about the tragic fire that burned down a section of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France.


Beck speculated wildly about the cause of the fire, which is still unknown.


“If this was arson, this is going to be bad,” Beck began, already treading into extremely shaky ground. “If it was arson of any foreign entity, anybody with a grudge.”

Then Beck really got going, throwing out a completely unsubstantiated theory about who might have started a fire that still very well may have been an accident.

“If, and this is a huge if—it might have been started by a cigarette, we don’t know—if this was started by Islamists, I don’t think you’ll find out about it,” Beck said, plowing straight into the conspiracy zone. “I think it would set the entire country on fire. They’ve had killings, they’ve had mass shootings, they’ve had people running people down on the street. The tension is very high.”

Yes, indeed, the tension is very high!

Aside from the current conflicts within France, the forces of reaction across the world are becoming increasingly active and agitated. It’s been only a few weeks since a white supremacist murdered 50 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand. Perhaps we should hold off on throwing a Molotov cocktail of bullshit into that kindling!


Beck goes on to speculate about the American equivalent of the Notre Dame cathedral, landing on the World Trade Center, as if we needed any more of an indication that he suspects this was an act of terrorism by Islamists.

But don’t worry, Beck’s paranoid delusion hasn’t been confined to fringe platforms like The Blaze. Just last week, he appeared on Fox News to talk about another definitely not racist conspiracy theory. Beck claimed that billionaire philanthropist and noted Jew George Soros was involved in sending caravans of Central American migrants to the U.S. border. This is essentially the same theory that was espoused by the shooter who killed 11 Jews at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh last year.


Fox News also managed to find someone willing to make baseless, conspiratorial accusations within hours of the Notre Dame news breaking. Wacko French media analyst Philippe Karsenty called in to Fox News earlier today to float the theory, just like Beck, that we can’t trust the government and media to tell us the truth about who started the fire.

“Politically correctness [sic] will tell you that this is probably an accident,” Karsenty said on air, calling the fire the “French 9/11.”


Karensty, a two second perusing of Google will tell you, is best known for his promoting his own conspiracy theory in which he accused a French television channel of staging the death of a Palestinian boy. He was later sued for libel by the channel, and was convicted.  

Great minds!

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