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Mexican '90s wild child Gloria Trevi is revered as a pop icon throughout Latin America for her raunchy antics and what was then-viewed as the epitome of female empowerment in Latin music. For those of us who grew up with her 1991 hit "Pelo suelto" (Loose hair) and admired her fierceness, she will forever be a badass diva.

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She later made headlines for having been part of a child sex abuse and kidnapping ring led by her ex-husband and manager Sergio Andrade. Trevi spent four years in prison, and when she was released in 2004, she came back to the stage stronger than ever, touting herself as a survivor of domestic violence — something millions of her fans could identify with. She has also become a gay rights crusader and icon in conservative Mexican society.

Of course this tale of perversion, manipulation, pop stardom and scandal is prime material for a movie, and Gloria, which made its world premiere on Tuesday at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, will open in theaters in the U.S. on June 5th.


Even though Trevi was not involved in the making of the biopic and initially criticized it, she has come around and is now promoting it. Before the SXSW premiere, she was part of a hilarious and spunky Q&A with Billboard's Leila Cobo — which was a spectacle in itself; Trevi kept making jokes and engaging the crowd, and even hinted that her story is worthy of a Pedro Almodóvar movie.


Afterwards, she took selfies with dozens of fans. Here are just some of the best Gloria Trevi one-liners from the talk, translated from Spanish:


"It's hard for any actress to play me because I am a tragicomedy."

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On giving advice to young aspiring artists:

"Trust and take care of those you love the most….and have good lawyers."

"I am ON or OFF, nothing in between."

On how now she is wiser and knows better who to trust:

"Y ahorita… hello bitches!"

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Once at a famous Mexican TV show, producers saw her outfit and told her "You can't go out like that, you can't show your panties." And she replied:

"Well, I'll take off my panties then!"

"There's a scene in the movie that represents perfectly how Mexican music was back then. It's so surrealist, that Almodóvar would have liked to have done it."

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"I'm very disciplined and rehearse a lot but then I break my own mold. I'm very passionate onstage."

"Abused women are not weak, it's just that they're not focusing well their strength. We have to focus on ourselves."

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"Pain in love is optional."

"For me, pelo suelto is a philosophy."

And this one just has no translation:

"Soy la misma que antes…pero más perris."

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