And here's one from their Facebook campaign, focusing on design details, which de Nysschen said on the call young adults were obsessed with:


De Nysschen agreed, however, that pricing, would ultimately have to adjust for any strategy to work.

"For most customers, when I see a Cadillac price [compared with] a BMW, they say the Cadillac is too expensive."


GM is convinced that young adults will be there in the future. De Nysschen said that in five years, four out of every five luxury cars both around the world will be bought by someone from Generation X or "the millennial generation."

But Rinna is not so sure: Many other premium and mainstream brands, he said, are also putting out luxury cars whose prices will have to come down to match younger adults' wallet sizes. Most remain north of $30,000, Rinna said.


"This isn’t just a Cadillac issue."

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