Go OFF Bernie

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The bar has gotten so low for the Trump administration these days that there’s a temptation to praise the president every time he makes a decision that, accidentally, if you squint and tilt your head a little, looks like a good idea. Take last week, for instance, when Trump called off a last-minute retaliatory strike on Iranian regime targets in response to the loss of an unmanned surveillance drone.

The press, a lot of the time, goes along with this. Here’s CBS’s Margaret Brennan, framing the question in a predictably dumb way when interviewing Senator Bernie Sanders on Sunday’s Face the Nation. “Was President Trump’s decision to call off that strike the right one?” Brennan asked Sanders. She also described it as just a “limited strike.”


Sanders’ response is. Whew. Take a look:


Hell YES that is the big cranky codger energy I wanted today. Lean in, Bernie. You’re an utterly mirthless old man confronted by a perfect encapsulation of the hypocrisy of both your potential opponent and how the press covers him. Go the fuck off. Let’s watch one more time with slightly more context:

Limited strikes my ass.