'Go to college,' raps surprisingly adequate MC Michelle Obama

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First Lady Michelle Obama has adopted many different identities in her fight to better the futures of America's youth. To date, she's become a turnip-shaking meme, a disgusted teen girl, and the consummate dancing mom all in the name of encouraging kids to eat healthier and be more active.

Today, FLOTUS dropped the latest hotness in her pop cultural plan of action with a new focus: a College Humor-produced rap song about getting ready to go to college.

SNL's Jay Pharoh dominates the bulk of the song with verses about the opportunities afforded by pursuing degrees in robotics and engineering, but the First Lady's bars about her own college experience are…surprisingly on point.

In terms of pure style, the song's one of FLOTUS's better projects, right up there with her candid advice to teens that no relationship is worth prioritizing over a graduating from high school and her secret to marrying the president. Now we can only wait for an official EP drop with remixes featuring close Obama family friends Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

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