Goats........Welcome to the Resistance

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It’s often the case that monumental social change happens over the course of decades—through hard work, anguish, and the coordinated efforts of thousands of people in earnest pursuit of a better world. For a group of goats in Idaho, though, the revolution needed to be far more swift.

This morning, Joe Parris from KTVB in Boise, ID, reported that roughly 100 goats were “on the loose” in a neighborhood and “eating everything in sight.”


The goats stormed lawns, climbed trees, looted greenery, and generally made their presence known. The question then became, WHO were these goats and WHY had they taken to the streets? What was the agenda? Did they have a plan? To what end? What was the impetus for this IRL Animal Farm????? Were these goats SOCIALISTS???

Let’s take a closer look:

Here’s what we can ascertain from the footage: these goats seem to believe that private property is theft, are demanding the redistribution of wealth, could be members of Antifa (Antibaaaa, do NOT @ me) and absolutely bear the mark of activists who are operating under conditions in which they feel they have nothing to lose.

According to Boise police, the goats had freed themselves from a nearby field last night. Their display was squashed by 11 a.m., and our fearless protestors were rounded up by their “owners”—a company called “We Rent Goats.”


According to their website, We Rent Goats is a service that rents “herds of goats to remove noxious weeds from fields, acreage, pastures, open spaces, ditches, ravines, embankments… you name it and the goats can clear it.” So perhaps this was actually a workers rights demonstration?? Please call us if you’re trying to unionize, goats. We stand with you.

Social Editor, Splinter

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