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After so much unnecessary will-they-or-won’t-they stuff, President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un are—as of right now—set to meet up on June 12 at a ritzy hotel in Singapore. And now that 2018’s Ross and Rachel are truly going to give it a shot, everyone and their mom will be descending upon the resort island of Sentosa, including Trump pal and fellow Michael Cohen client Sean Hannity, who is apparently being accompanied by Sebastian Gorka for Fox News???


“I’m delighted to go with Sean Hannity and his team, so we will be there on the ground reporting for Fox and Fox Business,” Gorka told the latter network on Tuesday. Fox News told The Hill on Wednesday that Hannity will be hosting his show from Singapore for three days next week. Hannity seems to have done extremely little planning for the trip, telling the Daily Beast that there is “nothing definite” to talk about yet.

If there’s one thing this already disastrous meeting needed, other than a commemorative coin, it’s on-the-ground reporting from both Trump’s BFF and his former aide who proudly wears the insignia of a Hungarian group largely assumed to have connections to Nazi Germany. I look forward to Sean and Seb’s Excellent adventure!

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