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There’s a new FBI director in town. On Tuesday evening, the Senate confirmed attorney Christopher Wray as the the bureau’s new director. Wray fills the void of former director James Comey, who was informed of his firing by a CNN chryon.

Wray was the assistant attorney general under George W. Bush, but he’s not known for building bridges. He is, however, known for defending politicians who block bridges…and politicians who are (former?) chums of President Trump. Yeah, Wray represented New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during the Bridgegate trial.

Despite his declaration to protect the FBI from the president’s ever-meddling tiny hands, Wray’s previous legal work with the Trump family led the American Civil Liberties Union to denounce his nomination in June.


Wray at least attempted to seem nonpartisan during his confirmation hearing. After he was asked about whether he would pledge loyalty to Trump, Wray declared he would “never allow the FBI’s work to be driven by anything other than the facts, the law and the impartial pursuit of justice. Period.”

NPR also noted that Wray reaffirmed the bureau’s support of Special Council Robert Mueller. He told the committee that he was “very committed to supporting Director Mueller in the special counsel investigation in whatever way is appropriate for [him] to do that.”


Good luck to Mr. Wray and his commitment to justice! One question, are you the same Christopher Wray who is a member of the Federalist Society and donated to both Mitt Romney and John McCain’s presidential campaigns? The answer is yes. I know FBI policy doesn’t deem party affiliation or donation as biased, but the president definitely does.