Google Guy Fired for Sexist Ravings Is Back With a Big, New Idea: KKK 'Grand Wizards' Actually Sound Pretty Cool

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James Damore, the guy best known for being fired from Google after his anti-diversity screed went viral, is back with an even better thought experiment for us small-minded mortals to ponder: Nazis, definitely bad, but at least kind of cool?

Damore, who used to tweet from the handle @Fired4Truth—which really tells you all you need to know about him—tweeted this poll on Wednesday:


After the ratio on that one started to go south at warp speed, Damore pivoted:


He wasn’t done:


The whole thing sounds like the kind of thing that happens when a bunch of nerds get high in a Stanford dorm room while staying up all night talking about how their on-demand start-up whatever is the next Facebook or Uber: “So get this, the Nazis, we know they’re bad.......right? But OK, hear me out, those robes and the torching crosses in black people’s yards was BADASS, right?? I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, seriously dude this is NOT racist.”


That second tweet is floating in the stratosphere, a bit above my paygrade. You might assume, like a normie non-genius person, that villains are all bad. But, don’t forget! Hitler painted landscapes and Pol Pot loved his cat, or something—all bad men contain multitudes.

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