GOP Ghoul on Children Dying at the Border: 'Fine!'

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Republicans have made it known just how they feel about migrant children being treated ruthlessly and dying at the border (hint: they do not care!!) but it’s still shocking to hear their dressed down, straightforward assholery.


Just take this Tuesday night CNN interview with Texas Rep. Chip Roy, in which Roy, when confronted by host Chris Cuomo with the reality that children are dying at the border (six so far), replied, “FINE!”

Roy is one of two Republicans who so far have blocked a bipartisan bill for more than $19 billion in disaster relief from being signed by President Donald Trump. According to the Washington Post, Roy said he blocked the bill because it didn’t include the $4.4 billion in supplemental border spending that Trump had requested earlier this month.

On CNN, Cuomo stressed to Roy the urgency of the children dying at the border, questioning how Republicans would be able to secure more border funding when they couldn’t even negotiate with Democrats. Roy responded by stressing the need to “debate” the funding, to which Cuomo said there is no time—children are dying now.

“You guys can’t even agree on getting done what will help stop these kids from being held in places where they’re going to be sick, held too long, maybe worse,” Cuomo said. “You guys can’t handle it all at once, you can’t even handle one part of it. You can’t even get these kids out of harm’s way.”

Listen to the entirety of Cuomo’s interview with Roy here.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan