GOP Rep. Throws Absolute Tantrum Over Ivanka's Emails

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The House Oversight Committee meeting on efforts to subpoena White House officials’ communications devolved into a circus on Thursday, starring Texas Republican Chip Roy going full baby and storming out of the meeting.

Roy, a protector of all things terrible including ICE and CBP and Big Pharma, tried to stop the committee from attacking poor, defenseless President Donald Trump, accusing them of looking for evidence of corrupt dealings that he said don’t exist.

Speaking before the committee, Roy said a lot of things about privacy and “fishing expeditions” regarding the Mueller investigation and yesterday’s testimony and about passing down the national debt to our children, or something. Then, when it couldn’t stand it any longer, he stormed out:

Ultimately, the committee approved the subpoena for “emails and texts sent to or from White House officials on their personal accounts relating to official business in violation of federal law and the White House’s own records policy.”


Reps. Jim Jordan and Rashida Tlaib also got into a bit of a scuffle over Ivanka Trump’s emails and “her emails,” arguing about subpoenaing emails and texts from Ivanka Trump, White House official and first daughter.

After Rep. Gerry Connolly reminded the committee that Jordan previously praised subpoena power as “the primary tool for this committee and Congress to be able to get at necessary information to do its work,” Jordan attempted to cast Ivanka’s private communications as No Big Deal compared to Hillary Clinton’s email drama.

Tlaib jumped in, emphasizing that Ivanka is a public official conducting business on behalf of the government. Jordan didn’t quite pull a Chip Fit, but he wouldn’t budge—you can watch the clip of their whole exchange here.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan

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