GOP Senate Candidate Whips Out a Gun at Alabama Rally

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It’s hard to imagine how the Senate Republican primary race in Alabama between disgraced former judge Roy Moore and incumbent Luther Strange could get any grosser. But on Monday evening, Moore—who is ahead in the polls despite his blatant homophobia, and crass racism—kicked the noxiousness up a notch by whipping out a pistol at a campaign rally in the city of Fairhope.

Moore was attempting to prove his gun rights bona fides, insisting that “I believe in the Second Amendment” as he pulled a small pistol out of his pocket.

This likely means one of two things:

1) He is a craven political opportunist who has no problem pulling a gun in order to whip a campaign crowd into a frenzy of applause.



2) He is a crazy person who just walks around with a pistol in his pants at all times.


As of Monday afternoon, Moore was leading Strange by a whopping 11 points, according to an Alabama-based polling group.