GOP Senator Isn't Sure What's in the Healthcare Bill, Says He'll 'Vote For Anything'

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Senator Richard Burr, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has had his hands full with a certain investigation into the president’s campaign. So full, in fact, Burr implied that he had not fully read or understood the Republican healthcare bill that will be voted on tomorrow. Most Republicans aren’t sure what they are voting on, in any case, because the leadership has discussed the bill privately. But whatever, right?

Burr told NBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard that although he was unsure of the bill’s specifics (like many of his colleagues) it didn’t really matter because he’ll vote on anything!


“It doesn’t concern me,” Burr said of the bill’s secrecy and ambiguity. “I’ll vote for anything.”

Few Senators are clear on the specifics of the bill they will be voting on since the GOP leadership has rewritten the legislation behind closed doors; it’s unclear whether they will vote on a previously released and heavily criticized version of the bill. While it has concerned a few, like Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Lisa Murkowksi who also spoke to Hillyard, Burr could apparently care less. Party lines, baby!


When the GOP released its healthcare bill last month, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, Burr was quick to praise its initiatives. Though, he admitted it wasn’t “perfect.”

“This draft legislation outlines a number of initiatives that are good for North Carolina,” Burr said. “[It] will benefit North Carolinians and provide relief from the broken promises, high costs, and few choices created by Obamacare.”


Senator Burr’s unashamed acquiescence begs another question. Is this a lawmaker who will investigate the Trump campaign’s alleged Russian collusion without bias?