GOP senator jokes about shooting Hillary Clinton in leaked audio

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A Republican senator from North Carolina cracked jokes about how delighted he was with the idea of gun owners shooting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in audio published by CNN on Monday.

Sen. Richard Burr told Republican Party volunteers that after walking into a gun shop, "nothing made me feel better" than seeing a magazine about guns "with a picture of Hillary Clinton on the front of it."

"I was a little bit shocked at that–it didn't have a bullseye on it," Burr said in the audio obtained by CNN, which prompted laughs from the audience.


Click here for the audio.

In a statement to the network, the senator, who's currently fighting a tough re-election race, apologized for his remarks, calling them "inappropriate."

The comments were reminiscent of Donald Trump's un-funny joke in August that "Second Amendment people" are the only ones who can stop a Clinton presidency, which was widely read as a veiled threat of violence.

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