Gosh, I Wonder Why Christine Blasey Ford Is Worried About Testifying Before These People

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Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have thrown Kavanaugh’s confirmation process into chaos.

While Ford, through her attorney, has confirmed that she would be willing to testify about her experience, the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee has seemingly bent over backwards to make any potential appearance by Ford as uncomfortable as possible, while operating under the assumption that no matter what she says, they will nevertheless confirm an accused sexual predator to the bench.


Here, for example, are a few tweets from Mike Davis, chief counsel for nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee under chair Chuck Grassley and a person who would be intimately involved in any hearing.


Hmmm, sure seems impartial to me!

After some on Twitter noted that Davis’ message was less a statement of impartiality than it was a rah-rah, get-er-done call to arms, Davis locked his account.

I have reached out to Grassley’s office for comment on whether or not Davis’ tweets are an appropriate message to send ahead of the potential questioning of an alleged sexual assault victim. I will update this post if they respond.