Gotta Have My Javanka!!!!

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Ivanka Trump, a classy “Daddy’s Little Girl” ankle tattoo, may be attempting to make it seem like she’s not struggling with her dual role as both daughter of a doofus of a president and aide to said doofus. But there is one truly unjust hurdle holding her back from the success she was born into, an impediment that she constantly grapples with day to day: “Javanka,” the nickname for her and her husband, Jared Kushner.


In a revealing-in-that-it’s-not-very-revealing Washington Post profile, Ivanka Trump was reported to be very unhappy with the portmanteau, which she apparently views as a pox on both her and Jared’s houses, courtesy of their enemies:

Ivanka and Kushner have become known simply as “Javanka,” a nickname that they view as disparaging and that they speculate was coined in the early stages of the presidency by rivals, such as then-chief White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon, to undermine them. Ivanka resents that she and her husband are seen as a single unit, in part because their work portfolios are different. (Kushner’s declared portfolio includes brokering Middle East peace, the U.S. relationship with Mexico and domestic prison restructuring.)

Wow, Ivanka really does have it tough you guys!!

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