Green Party Candidate Drops Out, Endorses Democrat in Tight Arizona Senate Race

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

An Arizona Green party candidate, appropriately named Angela Green, has dropped out of the race between Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Rep. Martha McSally to replace retiring Sen. Jeff Flake (another politician whose last name is an apt description of his politics). Green endorsed Sinema and encouraged voters to cast their ballots for her next Tuesday.


In an interview with the local NBC affiliate, Green told her supporters “to vote for a better Arizona, and that would be for Sinema.”

“Sinema’s stance on a lot of things are very close to mine,” she added.

This is a strange thing for a Green Party candidate to say, particularly in this race. Sinema is a centrist who votes with Donald Trump over 60 percent of the time, more often than conservative Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. It’s hard to believe that Green and Sinema’s views are all that similar. We will probably never know what convinced her it was time to drop out and endorse her opponent, though it could be that McSally is just that bad.

Green’s name will remain on the ballot. Recent polls showed Green with either six or three percent of the vote, according to 12 News. They estimate that 60 percent of all Arizona midterm votes have already been cast with mail-in ballots. A new poll released today showed McSally with a seven point lead over Sinema, according to The Hill.