Guess What Happened When Fox News Let a Super-Racist GOP Congressman Co-Host a Show

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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is the face of the Republican Party’s next generation: young, white, and a gigantic racist lunatic. Naturally, he’s one of Fox News’s darlings, so they let him come on and “co-host” their midday show “Outnumbered.”

Let’s check in and see how it went:


Nice!!!!!!! There was no way to see that coming.

Here’s the full quote, which Gaetz delivers with an absurd smirk that must come from the knowledge that nothing bad will happen to him because of this.


“I know the president likes to call her Pocahantas but now that she’s making her way from the Eastern seaboard into the center of the country maybe Sacagawea would be more appropriate.”

The comment provoked a few “woooahs” from the women sitting next to Gaetz, but they had to have some inkling that this was going to happen. Gaetz is the guy who initially spread weird, totally incorrect Soros conspiracy theories about the migrant caravan, and has spent most of his young career as a mouthpiece for the NRA. In other words, he’s perfect for Fox. I think we’re done here.