GunTV may soon be coming to a cable network near you

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This is just what America needs.

A group of television producers, along with a Louisiana-based firearms distributor, are in the process of creating a QVC-like channel where guns and gun-related products will be trotted out on your TV screen in an attempt to inspire you to order them.


It will be called GunTV.

Cofounder Valerie Castle told the Desert Sun news that the channel was designed to give gun manufacturers a direct platform through which they could hawk their wares, and to respond to  a nationwide "love affair with shooting sports."


"Our business philosophy is filling the need, not creating one," Castle said.

Here is their sizzle reel.

Since guns can't be sold across state lines, if a viewer wants to buy a gun, they'll have to tell GunTV's sales team to place an order on their behalf. The orders will be processed by Sports South, a Louisiana firearms distributor, who will then ship the weapon to a local gun store, the Sun says.

I tried to reach out to Castle and cofounder Doug Bornstein for more information but did not get a response. The company's press materials say the channel will get "national media distribution on satellite and cable television," but a rep for the firm GunTV has hired for marketing said he could not confirm whether the channel has any actual distribution deals. And the channel's production company website is "still under construction." The Sun says the shows are being filmed at a southern California studio, and that they hope to launch in January.

Stay tuned…or don't.

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