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H&M gave its Paris Studio Collection audience the moon and (style) stars with a Fall 2015 "Deep Space 9" après-ski-themed runway show last night.


Welcoming the people of earth to the Swedish retailer's fashion stratosphere, H&M "beamed in" it's own space cadet, Caroline de Maigret — Paris It girl, muse to Chanel, and musical producer — she donning a metallic Barbarella onesie and shimmering matching boots for her landing.

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Maigret was reportedly to serve as both the "first woman on the moon" and the night's DJ, where she spun from the inside of a rocketship.


Sharing the stage with tiny space rovers, Instagirls Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid took giant leaps for fashion mankind as they strode amidst a crowd that included Solange Knowles, Audrey Tautou, Jeanne Damas, and Mark Ronson.


Donning oversized puffys, ski jumpsuits, and chunky knits that were on par with the show's sporty futurism theme, the space odyssey seemed like the next advancement in the "athleisure" trend that dominated H&M's last collection with Alexander Wang.


But even after the last model walked out, the space jam was hardly over: according to, space pods placed strategically along the runway opened to reveal bartenders serving chilled champagne — 2015's version of Space Bar.


Despite the extravagance of this moon landing, the most far-out detail of the evening, as noted, had to be the sight of every model smiling.

Check out the BTS footage for more strange sightings from the night's sky, below.

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