Tim Rogers/ Fusion

Haiti’s Prime Minister Laurent Lamonthe resigned from office late Saturday night in an effort to quell political instability amid calls for new elections and criticism of the administration’s undemocratic behavior.

‚ÄúI leave the post of prime minister this evening, with the feeling of accomplishment.‚ÄĚLamothe said in a late-night televised address, according to The¬†Miami Herald. Lamonthe¬†cited the government‚Äôs accomplishments in poverty reduction but said he was willing to step down ‚Äúif this is what can truly unblock the political crisis.‚ÄĚ

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Lamonthe’s resignation comes on the heels of violent protests that left one dead. It was a quick fall from grace; one month ago Lamonthe was named the Innovative Leader of the Year Award at Latin Trade Group’s 20th anniversary of the BRAVO Business Awards in Miami.


Laurent Lamonthe (red shirt) walks with President Martelly on a happier day last October. Photo: Tim Rogers/ Fusion

‚ÄúAs prime minister since 2012, Lamothe along with President Michel Martelly's administration, has helped establish a paradigm shift for Haiti as a destination for investment, rather than simply for humanitarian aid,‚ÄĚ Latin Trade Group said on its decision to award the Haitian prime minister. ‚ÄúLamothe has pursued reforms and policies to make Haiti a safer and more business-friendly country.‚ÄĚ


Latin Trade group noted that foreign direct investment in Haiti increased 25 percent in Lamonthe‚Äôs first year in office, and credited him with helping to boost job creation, reconstruction and economic growth in Haiti, ‚Äúrepositioning it as a country ‚Äėopen for business‚Äô.‚ÄĚ

That was a month ago. Today Lamonthe, a close confidant of President Martelly and a man many considered to be the ‚Äúbrains of the operation,‚ÄĚ is out of a job.