Half of women in the U.S. say they have a 'very unfavorable' view of Donald Trump

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Women in America are split on whether or not Donald Trump is a terrible man, according to a poll released on Thursday by Reuters.

Half of the women polled said they have a "very unfavorable" view of Trump. Fifty percent. OK. Got it. Cool.


In the last few months, the Republican presidential frontrunner has argued that the minimum wage is too high, Muslims should be banned from the United States, undocumented immigrants should be deported en masse, Mexican immigrants are rapists and killers, Planned Parenthood should be shuttered even though it helps "millions and millions" of women, and that the families of suspected terrorists should "taken out."

He also did not dispute that he called a breastfeeding employee "disgusting," has been engaged in a months-long ad hominem attack on a female journalist because she asked him about his habit of calling other women pigs, called all journalists "disgusting" and laughed about it on national television with a member of his campaign who is accused of assaulting a female journalist, and called a woman running for president too ugly for the White House.


Which makes exactly and only half of the women in the United States go, Hmmm!  (According to the same poll, Trump's policies and personal tendencies only put off 36% of men.)

"If the presidential election were tomorrow, women would be a big problem for Trump," Republican strategist David Carney told Reuters before pivoting to a more optimistic note: "But he has time to fix it."