Hamptons DJ to Bill Clinton: Turn Down for What?

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Today a new American hero joined the pantheon of all time greats.

The New York Post reports:

It takes a fearless DJ to stand up for “late-night vibes” when you’ve got Bill Clinton asking you to turn the music down.

But that’s what happened in the Hamptons when Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi and former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine dined at chic East Hampton hotel the Maidstone late Friday.

A witness said, “Bill asked the staff to turn down the music as the late-night music scene was just beginning because there were still people having dinner [and their table was deep in political discussion]. They were told ‘no’ by the DJ. The wait staff was pleading with the DJ to turn down the music, but the DJ wasn’t having it.“


Incredible. It is every American’s duty to turn up any and all available music as loud as possible if the oil-soaked dinosaurs of the Democratic party are having a “deep” political discussion near you. Thank you for your service, Hamptons hotel restaurant DJ.

The hero, unfortunately, then began to see things in a different way.

A second source, who confirmed Clinton asked the female DJ to turn down the volume, said she wittily won him over by playing Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop.” The song was Clinton’s theme for his winning 1992 campaign.

First they rise, then they fall.

Contributing Writer, Splinter