Hannity Offers Most Ridiculous Defense of 'Send Her Back' Chant Yet

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When he’s not moonlighting as President Donald Trump’s personal policy advisor, sentient haircut Sean Hannity finds time to bravely lie with impunity—something he did with gusto on his Fox News show Thursday night, when he insisted the MAGA chuds chanting “send her back” at the mere mention of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s name weren’t, in fact, doing just that.

“I don’t think they were saying ‘send her back’ as much as they’re saying ‘these views are repugnant,’” Hannity insisted during a segment on Omar, as the furor over the president’s ongoing racist attacks on her and the other members of the progressive Squad of House freshmen continues unabated.


Folks, let’s go to the tape...

Sure sounds like they were chanting “send her back” to me! But “these views are repugnant” just doesn’t have the same rally-ready ring to it.

Making Hannity’s claim even more ridiculous is video that shows campaign official and first daughter-in-law Lara Trump priming the audience with the “leave” message before the president took the stage.


Of course Hannity, whose obsequiousness to the president borders on pathological, knows this. But, like the rest of the Trump-addled conservative universe, he’s done his assigned reading this week and agreed to push the ridiculously transparent lie that this whole thing is somehow about policy, not racism.


The president, meanwhile, walked back his room-temperature disavowal of the racist chant in a series of tweets on Friday morning, suggesting it was a reaction to the “most vile and disgusting statements” by Omar and the rest of the Squad.

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