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Nothing's funny, and everything sucks. But this video of Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj blasting white Americans for electing Donald Trump during a recent standup set is OK. [h/t Vulture]

"The past 15 years of my life, I’ve been blamed for 9/11," Minhaj, the son of two Muslim immigrants from India, told the audience at the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Night of Comedy event in New York City Wednesday night. "People have always told me, 'Are you going to say something? Are you going to condemn terrorism? Say something!' And now white America's responsible for 11/9."


It's true. White Americans are responsible for voting Donald Trump into office. Vice News reports that out of all the white people who voted, 58% of them cast their ballots for the president-elect, an anti-immigrant racist and misogynist with zero political experience. To break that demographic down a bit further, about two-thirds of the white male electorate voted for Trump (63%), while nearly as many white women did the same (53%).

"Congratulations! You voted for him! You voted for domestic terrorism! That's yours!" Minhaj continued, before addressing the fact that no one will be safe under a Trump presidency. "I can feel [everybody thinking after the election], 'Oh, you poor little brown boy.' No, that's all of us. All of us. If you’re not a straight orange male, he is coming for you."

Bad at filling out bios seeks same.

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