Hedgehog Smash, Critical Deer Star: This hilarious bot makes up strains of marijuana

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

@nugwizard is a clever little Twitter bot that's tweeting out reviews of "strains you've probably never even heard of." Mostly because they're made up.


But, honestly, some of them sound like they could be real. Strains of marijuana have some pretty ridiculous names, rivaling those of certain craft beer makers. For instance, Leafly, which self-describes as "the world’s largest cannabis information resource," lists strains of weed named "Skywalker OG," "LA Confidential," and "Amnesia Haze." In comparison, do these really sound so unlikely?:

The bot has been around since May and only has 22 followers, which is a real crime. Flock to it, we've got ourselves a pot bot.


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