Hell Is Karl Rove and David Axelrod Leading an Online Politics Class

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Former Obama chief campaign strategist and White House aide David Axelrod has teamed up with former Bush campaign strategist and White House aide Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove to educate a new generation of aspiring politicos on how to win elections. And if that sentence doesn’t sent a chill through your frontal lobe—congratulations, you’re dead!

For the rest of us, welcome to hell, a place where political operators can come together and bask in the warming glow of the most annoying forces in politics today: the myth of civility politics and shameless self-promotion.

The class is called “David Axelrod and Karl Rove Teach Campaign Strategy and Messaging,” and for just 90 of your hard-earned dollars, participants can log onto Masterclass.com and hear Rove and Axelrod offer their expert advice on extremely obvious things like:

The Campaign Plan

Karl explains why you need a campaign plan, what it should include, and how to follow-through and evolve as the race progresses.



Slogans and Logos

Using his experiences in the 2008 Obama presidential campaign, David offers his unique perspective on the power of slogans and logos.


Plus, my personal favorite:

The Current State of Politics

Karl and David discuss their perspectives on the highly polarized current state of politics in America, and the future they see for the country.


Because if there’s one thing we definitely don’t have enough of, it’s oversaturated pundits opining about the current state of politics, including one who (allegedly) successfully exploited racial politics in a way that would make even Donald Trump blush.

It’s hard to imagine who would sign up for something like this, other than political masochists who’ve worn out their West Wing DVD box sets and copy of Ben Sasse’s The Vanishing American Adult. After all, those are the only people who might be able to look past the fact that these guys are only friends because they’re both extremely powerful, influential, and successful men. They have the luxury of playing nice with one another; neither is actually in a position to be seriously threatened by the politics the other espouses.