Help this Minneapolis man recover his lost centaur paintings

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The art find of the century could be sitting somewhere in the Minneapolis garbage.

A redditor posted in the r/Minneapolis subreddit on Thursday with the title "Lost centaur oil paintings in Uptown - Has anybody seen 'em?" looking for help tracking down his magnum opus, a series of oil paintings of a centaur. According to "citizenchimp," a trusted friend of his may have thrown the paintings away and is now ghosting him, so he's trying to see if anyone has encountered them at a Twin Cities curbside.


The paintings were described as follows:

I'm aware that none of the works are masterpieces by any means, but they were sentimental - those were the first two oil paintings I ever attempted. My plan was to do a series of seven connecting images from right to left through the course of my life that would show my progress/improvement as a painter - illustrating the life of a hapless centaur in a pre-renaissance European dystopia of prejudice against his cursed kind.


Citizenchimp is selling himself short. Some of history's greatest artwork is centaur-based. But don't go looking at the centaur tag on DeviantArt or Tumblr unless you're ready for some serious NSFW stuff.

If anyone in Minneapolis has a lead on the paintings, go ahead and let the artist know. Let us know too. We hate to see a new classic go to waste.