Help Us Find the Worst Politicians In Your State

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Illustration: Jim Cooke (G/O Media)

Here at Splinter, we spend a not-insignificant amount of time covering the uniquely awful quality of state and local politics, especially the personalities that make them a frothing cauldron of dysfunction, nepotism, and far worse.

There’s just something about these people, particularly at the local level: They seem free to be as blatantly racist as they want and as homophobic as they can get away with; they’re frauds and gun-lovers; they’re whipped into a moral panic about women; and they simply refuse to go away quietly, even after they’ve been disgraced.

So in the vein of our Deadspin comrade’s storied dedication to documenting why your team sucks, we want to highlight the politicians who make all 50 of your states a worse place to live—at the federal, state, and local level. This accounting won’t be exhaustive by any means—we’re hoping to get the absolute worst of the worst.


And readers, we need your help. Who are the most repellant, despicable, revolting politicians roaming around your state? Who is so bad you find yourself lying about where you’re from just so you can avoid being associated with them? We desperately want to know—especially when it comes to those awful state and local politicians who don’t usually turn up in the national media.

So please fill out this Google form and tell us which people from your state deserve a spot on our Worst Politicians list.


If you have more than one politician you want to highlight, don’t worry: You can submit the form more than once.

When the list is completed, we’ll be rolling out one state a day for 50 (business) days, so hold onto your hats. And thank you.