“Full of condemnation, but low on creativity?” Luckily for you there’s a website that allows you to print handy pre-made signs that point out who you can discriminate against in Indiana.

The state’s Republican governor last week signed in to law a bill that allows business owners to discriminate against gay or trans people. The law, SB 101, prohibits any measure that may "substantially burden" a person's ability to follow his or her religious beliefs.

Which means it’s not just LGBT groups that can face discrimination, because the Bible condemns dozens of other things—like eating shrimp and mixing seeds.

If you visit you’ll find flyers highlighting some of the other groups that the so called “religious freedom" laws can target: overweight people, chatty women, farm owners, owners of dogs with mixed breeds. Check. was started by three independent Seattle-area creatives with backgrounds in marketing and design. Corianton Hale, Guy Seese, and Keith Bacon are just a group of friends who wanted to use their talents to highlight the problems behind these so called “religious freedom” laws.


“We were really frustrated and saddened by the news in Indiana and one night over drinks we decided to turn out anger into something constructive,” Hale told Fusion via email.

Take a look at some of the flyers available at

Overweight? Be careful in Indiana.


Hope you don’t like butter. Or ice cream for that matter.

Love pugs? Say a prayer.


Are you a woman who loves to speak her mind? Be careful in Indiana.

Makeup? Uh oh.


Watch games on Sundays?

Make sure to keep that hair in order. If not, it’s a sin.


Tattoos. God bless you.

Indiana’s Republican governor Mike Pence is also in trouble.


Lastly, the website does offer a hopeful flyer to combat some of discrimination.

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