Henry Timms: the power of social media challenges us to do good


Henry Timms, executive director of renowned cultural and community center 92nd Street Y, says the "amazing power" of social media is a huge responsibility and challenge to do good.


The reach and immediacy of social media allows people to tease, bully or scare people. Or, they can use the digital platforms to help us "understand each other better" and promote positive change on issues such as climate change.

"People who want to change the world today have some much more at their disposal," Timms says. "They have a range of tools with which they can seriously influence serious people at a moment's notice."


Credit: Additional producing - Lara Fernandez, Editor - Dino Pascarelli

Nicolás Ibargüen is an environmentalist and director of the Planet Initiative of the Americas Business Council Foundation, an organization that supports innovative social and environmental impact projects.

He is the environmental Correspondent for Fusion and Univision.

Nicolás organizes expeditions and events with world leaders to raise awareness about our relationship with the planet. He produced the award-winning documentary “Amazon Gold” and he is a board member of NRDC’s Voces Verdes and the Humane Society International. He was the Editor and Publisher of Poder Magazine.

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