Photo Illustration by Elena Scotti/Fusion

Everyone knows that size doesn't matter, but for those curious how they measure up anyway, British researchers have revealed that the average size of an erect human penis is 5.16 inches long and 4.6 inches in circumference. The average size of a flaccid penis is 3.6 inches long and 3.7 inches in circumference. If you can't find your ruler on your desk today, now you know why.

Published in the British Journal of Urology and aptly titled Am I Normal?, the most comprehensive study on penis size to date looked at data from twenty different studies that included the measurements of over 15,500 penises worldwide, from men ranging in age from 17 to 91. It's worth noting that the authors saw no significant correlation between foot size and penis size or race and penis size.


Now that it's been established, once and for all, that 5.16 is the magic average number, we wondered: What else is (roughly) five inches? Spoiler: Cucumbers, hot dogs, and bananas were all, on average, too long for this list. Pickles and popsicle sticks were too short. But the items below were just right-ish.

1. Lockheed Martin's 5-inch Navy Guided Projectile


2. A baby Garter snake

3. An average can of beer


4. Samsung's Galaxy S4 display

5. A Snickers bar, in the wrapper


6. Porn legend Ron Jeremy's penis—if you cut it in half

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