Here Are Some Posts Still Saved to Splinter's Drafts Folder on the Last Work Day of 2017

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A selection of headlines.

“Who’s Going To Tell Trump That His Idol Andrew Jackson Owned Slaves?”

“The Liberal Media Doesn’t Respect You”

“here you go!”

“Watch a U.S. Attorney Go From Untrustworthy to Trustworthy With This One Weird Trick”

“Tired of ‘Covfefe’? Sean Spicer Just Blew This Whole Thing Wiiiiiide Open”

“For the Love of Christ, Do Not Make a Crash-like Movie About Michael Brown’s Killing”


“This Is What a Hero Looks Like”

“Donald Trump Doesn’t Give a Shit About You”

“Donald Trump Is a New Yorker”


“Who Are You Talking To?”


“Ban Men.”

“Sue the Government”

“This Is Not a Funny Halloween Costume”

“Red States Wake Up”

“The Ten Most Evil American Families”

“DO NOT PUBLISH: Alleged Pedophile Elected to U.S. Senate”


“Don’t Set Dangerous Traps for the Person Stealing Your Packages”