Here Are Some Tweets About Homeless People From New York Times Reporter Glenn Thrush

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Friday is the day everyone lets the bad tweets they’ve been holding back all week fly, so it makes sense New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush—who has returned to Twitter and a new job after a brief period away following accusations of sexual misconduct—decided to get in on the action.


Thrush was suspended from the Times late last year after allegations surfaced that, at a previous job, he had targeted a number of young women with “unwanted groping and kissing,” often in situations with drinking. Although he was taken off the White House beat as punishment, he returned after two months with a new assignment: covering the social safety net that vastly underserves our country’s most vulnerable.

Keep that in mind as you read this now-deleted tweet:

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Yes, let’s get some sunshine, so we can shove the homeless and mentally ill out of sight and out of mind once more!

Thrush tried again, but didn’t manage much better:

Sure! It is true that homelessness is a “very serious problem” in DC. A survey last year found the city’s homelessness rate is more than twice the national average, and as Splinter’s Emma Roller has reported, the city’s largest shelter is closing down, without a clear picture of what will take its place. But perhaps tweeting vaguely about the horror of “mentally ill people” sharing your train car isn’t the most effective way to address—or even the most humane way to raise awareness about!—this problem.

And when lowly internet normies (read: non-New York Times journalists) tried to call him on his unsavory tweets, Thrush didn’t like it very much!


Amazing: You can cover the homeless for more than two decades and still convey no empathy at all about them. If we get one more Timesman On It (“it” being utter disgust for the homeless) we’ll have a verified trend on our hands!

Managing Editor, Splinter