Here Is a Transcript of Sean Spicer's Comments About Hitler, And His Four Clarifications

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Sean Spicer was asked on Tuesday about the United States’ response to Bashar al Assad’s alleged use of sarin gas on civilians. This is some of what he said.

SPICER: I think a couple things. You, look—we didn’t used chemical weapons in World War II. Y’know, you had —someone who is despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to the, to the, to using chemical weapons. So, you have to, if you’re Russia, ask yourself, is this a country that you, and regime you want to align yourself with?

PRESS ROOM (presumably thinking about Hitler’s many gas chambers):


[Later, Spicer was given an opportunity to clarify his comments.]

SPICER: I think when you come to sarin gas, there was no—he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Ashad [sic] is doing. I mean, there was clearly... I understand your point. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. There was not, in the, he brought them into the Holocaust centers, I understand that. But I’m saying, in the way that Assad used them where he went into towns, dropped them down to innocent, into the middle of town, it was brought. So, the use of it—I appreciate the clarification. That was not the intent.

No, Sean, thank you for clarifying!

UPDATE: The clarification needed a clarification.

Third time’s the charm!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Make that “fourth time.”




Note: the headline of this post was updated to reflect Sean Spicer’s many, many clarifications of his comments.