Here Is Mitch McConnell Flipping Out Because the Big Bad Media Was Mean to Him

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Mitch McConnell took time out of his presumably busy schedule on Monday to whine at stunning length on the Senate floor about some unflattering coverage he recently received. Was this a good look? It was not.

The impetus was McConnell recently deciding to block Democratic legislation to beef up America’s election security. McConnell obviously did this because he is a racist Republican who loves voter suppression, but this led to many liberal pundits shouting about how he was a stooge for Vladimir Putin, etc. etc. You know the drill. It’s all stupid.

What was even stupider, though, was McConnell—remember, this man runs the whole United States Senate—using his C-SPAN-assisted platform to rant for what felt like 153 hours about how MSNBC and the Washington Post were mean to him.


Just look at this:

I am not one for Russia hysteria, but get a grip on yourself my man. McConnell just kept TALKING. He also said people were trying to “gaslight” him, which, lol.


The funniest part was the reporters saying that this was McConnell at his absolute most vitriolic.


To the untrained eye, there is little difference between Mitch McConnell turning his rage up to 300 and a sloth trying to swat a fly away, but this did feel like his (extremely) lo-fi version of a meltdown, so I’ll take the experts at their word. Anyway, moral of the story: Mitch McConnell still sucks.

Update, 7:53 a.m. ET, 7/30/19: A line about McConnell’s use of the term “gaslight” has been updated. See this comment thread for details.