Here Is Possibly the Stupidest Thing a Member of Congress Has Ever Said

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If you have a few brain cells you’ve just been dying to burn, I have just the clip for you.


On Tuesday, former Secretary of State John Kerry was called before the House Oversight Committee to testify about the effects climate change may have on national security, specifically on military bases. In theory, the hearing could have been an opportunity for the two sides to address an issue they disagree on (whether climate change is real) by centering the money-gobbling U.S. military, which both sides love dearly. Instead, the entire hearing was a fucking mess, thanks in large part to questions like these from GOP Rep. Thomas Massie, of Kentucky.

Massie was peeved that Kerry slammed President Donald Trump’s proposed working group of climate deniers in his opening statement. So, rather than use the time to cut to the heart of the issue and explore how climate change is actively not only destroying military bases through more extreme storms but also contributing to mass migrations and subsequent military action, Massie spent 90 seconds pretending not know how a dang liberal arts degree works.

Here is a transcript of the full, mind-numbing exchange between Massie and Kerry, which somehow gets worse when you read it:

Massie: Secretary Kerry, I want to read part of your statement back to you. “Instead of convening a kangaroo court, the president might want to talk with the educated adults he once trusted to fill his top national security positions.” It sounds like you’re questioning the credentials of the president’s advisers currently, but I don’t think we should question your credentials today. Isn’t it true you have a science degree from Yale?

Kerry: A bachelor of arts degree.

Massie: Is it a political science degree?

Kerry: Yes, political science.

Massie: So how do you get a bachelor of arts in a science [degree]?

Kerry: Well, it’s liberal arts education and degree, it’s a bachelor.

Massie: OK, so it’s not really science. So I think it’s somewhat appropriate that someone with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing pseudoscience in front of our committee today.

Kerry: Are you serious? This is really, seriously happening here?

Massie: You know what? It is serious, you’re calling the president’s Cabinet a kangaroo court, is that serious?

Kerry: I’m not calling his Cabinet a kangaroo court, I’m calling this committee he’s putting together a kangaroo committee.

Massie: Are you saying he doesn’t have educated adults there now?

Kerry: I don’t know who he it yet, because it’s secret.

Massie, for his part, has a degree from MIT, which, not that anyone really needed convincing, should prove that idiots are everywhere.

Oh, and by the way, holy shit, we are so monumentally fucked.